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Team berlin

Team berlin

19th edition: user testing in style

Do you know Adesso? This innovative company hosted our latest Testessen event, making it a night to remember! Held at their stylish office, the evening featured 6 stations, wraps, drinks, and lively conversations.

As our second event since our comeback, we focused on encouraging Digital Health products to participate. We were thrilled to see a mix of familiar faces and newcomers, all providing valuable and positive feedback. One participant shared, “The professional setup and strong experience were incredible for a first-time tester.”

This event once again highlighted the power of Testessen in gathering insightful and often surprising user feedback. Whether you’re testing a fully developed product or just an idea, there’s always something to learn.

Thank you to Adesso for being such gracious hosts and to everyone who participated. We can’t wait to see you at the next event!

Team berlin

Team berlin

Team berlin
Berlin Partner

Team berlin
Deutsche Kinemathek

Team berlin

Team berlin
Lisk at WeWork / Atrium Tower

Team berlin
SCHUMACHER – Brand + Interaction Design

Team berlin

Team berlin
The Venue Berlin

10th edition of Usability Testessen Berlin

Team berlin
The Jodel Venture

Onboarding at its best – not!

Do you know Jodel? You surely heard about them as the first »Hyperlocal Social Network« in Germany. Our latest Testessen event took place in their headquarter in Berlin Kreuzberg.
With their own station Jodel aimed to gain user-feedback on their onboarding process. But unfortunately everyone had already used Jodel before or at least knew it. So instead of talking with new users they got the rare chance to talk to people who stopped using it or use it only rarely.  »It’s very hard to get in touch with people who deleted our application because we only store an ID code from users. Usability Testessen gave us the chance to get back in touch and ask about their reasons to leave the platform. That was super helpful.«
This shows once again that Testessen is perfect for gaining valuable and often surprising user feedback. Try it out!

Thanks for hosting to Jodel and also thanks to all stations and participants! We hope to see you next time!

Team berlin

Many new faces at Testessen #8

With more sign-ups than ever before we had to put many participants and products on the waiting list this time 🙁 but we also had the opportunity to hold a Testessen with many new faces and old friends. Thank you all for coming! It was a blast once again ??

Many thanks to our host Tandem – who provided us fancy drinks, pizza and hosted the event in their beautiful office near Rosenthaler Platz.

Team berlin

Testessen Berlin No. 7

We started into 2019 with another fun night full of pizza, beer and of course Usability Testing! 12 testers, 8 stations – among them our old friends from Workstreams and cabuu as well as many new faces. Many of them brought digital products, like apps and websites. Even a corporate design was tested only with some printed paper. You see: Usability Testessen is for all products. You don’t need to have a fully developed test framework to come out with some learnings on that night. Just try to show your idea and be curious what people think about it.

In that sense we are really looking forward to the next event in February with many exciting products to test. Date will be announced soon!

Many thanks to our host Moccu – who provided us fancy drinks and a great space for our event.

Picture by © Moccu

Team berlin

Biggest Testessen Berlin so far!

11 stations spread over three floors: That was our biggest Testessen in Berlin so far. We are really happy to see this growth over the last months. Also we are happy about a great feedback on this testessen at workstreams. All teststations (ERGO Innovation Lab, and many others) gained important learnings about their products. So again: Thank you so much dear Testessers for made this a whole success! And also a huge thanks to workstreams who hosted us in their great office in Berlin Wilmersdorf. It was really stunning. After a short christmas-break we are looking forward to the next Testessen in january– maybe with even more teststations?

Team berlin
Misterspex GmbH

Getting a routine: 5th Usability Testessen in Berlin!

So this was the 5th edition of Usability Testessen Berlin and already the second in the holy halls of Mister Spex! Thank you again so much for hosting the event, sponsoring foods and drinks and also let us try-on some fancy glasses. It was a nice evening with loads of fun, usability testing and excellent pizza – we are getting a routine here!

Also a big thanks to all testers and teststations, who came up to the event. We are looking forward to the next on 21th November 2018!

Team berlin

Usability Testessen Berlin – on air at Deutschlandradio

We all agree: This event was by far the most chaotic-event in the history of Usability Testessen Berlin. There were 3 cancellations of testers on the day before, one station didn’t show up (oh, what happened Niyok? We were looking forward to test your toothpaste. Maybe next time?), the beamer didn’t work, we forgot laptop and printables and the worst: the pizzas weren’t cut. Nevertheless we all made the best out of it!

We are really happy that Deutschlandradio invited us to their historic building in Schöneberg and makes this Testessen happen on a very special place.

The five stations including Stepstone, ACTANO, Deutsche Kinemathek, LAWIO and Deutschlandradio itself had some really well-prepared tests: We were lucky to hear that they got some very helpful insights, which they shared afterwards. Also we are lucky that they want to keep us updated about the process of there products in the future via our facebook group ( and also the hashtag #testessenBerlin. Probably a good start to open up our learnings from testessen to the digital community.

Thanks for everyone who made this night possible: Deutschlandradio, the teststations and the testers. We hope to see you all again soon for the next Usability Testessen Berlin, of course with beer and pizza. Next time hopefully cut into slices.

Team berlin

Team berlin

Team berlin
Misterspex GmbH

Usability Testessen Berlin - Off to a Flying Start!

As far as first-time event’s go, we are very proud to announce that the first edition of Usability Testessen Berlin was a roaring success!

The only thing that matched the fun of the usability testing on this evening was the meters of pizza (yes, metres!). Tests were well prepared, test participants were insightful and smiles could be seen from every angle.

Thanks to Misterspex for providing us with your luxurious office space and sponsoring the food and drinks so that we could make this happen.

Another massive thanks for everyone who made this night a hoot. We hope to see you all again soon for the next action-packed Usability Testessen Berlin.

Team berlin
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