Become a host of the Usability Testessen

Would you like to host a Usability Testessen event?
Great! Beside pizza and drinks it doesn't take much at all.

How does a
Testessen work?

The Usability Testessen starts with piping-hot pizza and an introduction at 7pm. Shortly thereafter, the testing begins! At six or more stations products are being tested in rounds of ~12 minutes each. Participants switch between stations similar to speed dating.
At around 10pm everyone comes together again to share learnings, ideas or to draw a conclusion. The event then draws to a close with everyone included full of new impressions and pizza.

How big is the crowd?

Usability Testessen is an event for nerds as well as for consumers, for people who are passionate about testing or just about eating, for experts as well as for newbies. There are Testessen events with 20 as well as with 80 participants. Naturally, the number of participants is limited by the number of test stations that fit within the host's event space. To work properly, at least six stations are needed, in some cities there have been as many as 20!

How much is the fun?

We do not take any fee. This means the host only needs to invest in pizza and drinks for everyone. Since we have a heart for veggies and drivers 50% of the pizzas and drinks should be vegetarian and non-alcoholic. According to our experience food and drinks for an event cost around 300 to 400 € – depending how hungry the participants are. For 30-40 people 10-12 party pizzas have proven ideal.

What it takes from your side

In your beautiful office there’s enough space for around 10 test stations? You can provide wifi, a beamer and a room for 20 – 50 people for the introduction? You’re ready to treat those people to pizzas and beer? It’s a match! You’re the prefect host then.

What we can offer

You get the chance to get your products and service tested by real users as well as usability experts. You get a networking event full of interesting people from your city right in your office. Of course your logo will be placed as a supporter on our website and we will praise your support on social media. Isn’t that something?

Usability Testessen für alle

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